Bare Tread

Available on all streaming services and can be purchased here on Bandcamp. Follow Gent Treadly on Spotify. You can listen on YouTube below the artwork.

This EP was released April 7, 2021. Recorded in Albany, NY between Bear Tread stops. All songs written by Gent Treadly except for Ricki Ticki Tavi written by Donovan Phillips Leitch and arranged by Gent Treadly.
Greg Koerner – Bass/Vocals 
Dave Hebert – Guitar/Vocals 
Jeff Prescott – Drums/Vocals 
Dylan Teifer – Keyboards
Cover by Tommy Kaelin

Riki Tiki Tavi – A modern folk song by the great Donovan and covered by The Joneses, Big Art and Gent Treadly for more than a quarter century. Props to Brian Morgan for the inspiration. 

STFU (Listen to the Music) – A song heavily influenced by Paul Simon and our 45th President, this song is dedicated to unruly audiences everywhere. 

Has Been – The lyrical cue for this song came from our dear buddy Vince Welnick and it rings true a decade after he checked out. “Tomorrow is not promised.” Gent Treadly is grateful that you are here!

Oh Yeah – Patrick McLellan unwittingly supplied the title of this song which expanded from a short ballad into a bit of an opus underground in Westminster, CO.